Kennel Amazing Tails was founded by Heidi Schulz and Andreas Røed. In 2011 Heidi took over the kennel. I live in the east of Norway, 90minutes west of Oslo.
Our dogs live together with me as a family. I dedicate all of my time to them.

My biggest hobby is dogshows, and almost every weekend was spent in the ring at different exhibitions. And I love it! Due to big changes in my life I have to take a small brake from dogshows. But.... I will return, and I hope I can attend a few shows in 2012.

My goal is to breed healthy and beautiful dogs with a good temperament. All of my dogs will be patella and eye-checked before breeding. I show my dogs as often as possible so we can be certain that the dog is of good quality.

If you fancy a little chat about chihuahua's don’t hesitate to mail me, you will find our e-mail on the site
“contact us”


This is me...

I was active in the Chihuahua environment several years prior to buying my first chihuahua in 2006.

All my life i had been dreaming of a small dog. So when i got my own house with a great big garden, it did'nt take long before my own little dog was reality.

A great dream had come true

Together with me I have 6 chihuahuas at the time, 4 females and 2 males.

I have a small appartment so I can't have more dogs at this time. We live right by the forest where we enjoy long walks every day, the fourlegged once run free of leash and enjoy all the fantastic things there.


This is Andreas.

Andreas lives now near Oslo and is no longer part of the Amazing Tails team, but some of our beloved pets and retired dogs lives together with him and some with his family and friends.

I attend different course's and education programs hold by norwegian kennel club, or other approved programs.