Lilleengel's Born For Amazing Tails

BORN: 12.10-2007
COLOUR: Creme/white
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 2,5kg (5,5lbs)
BITE: 6+4

Eyes: Clear

AFTER: SuCh Dyrdal’s a Cream Coockie
UNDER: Jeanantes Unforgetterful
BREEDER: Ellen B. Haglund

Suzie was ment to be. When Caisey’s mom exspected her second litter, Heidi got the
honor to be there for the little miracle. Heidi droved right to Ellen and after 24hours the labour was started. Trough out 5 hours there was born 5 girls!!! It was unbeliveble when one girl after the other was brougt to the world. This was some thing big since ginny got 5 girls the first time to!!! (the litter where our caisey is from to) The joy in the living room was BIG, all of the female puppies was well born, healthy and beautiful.And midwife (Heidi) fell instantly in love with 2 of the little girls, at first we was'nt planning of having a puppy from this litter, but the temptation was to big. If one of them turned out to be longhaired we just had to have one!
These puppies are after good old lines from kennel Rossanty, and that is some thing we want to take good care of! When puppie number 4 turned out to be a little longhair, it was just ment to be. It is a littlebit funny that Suzie was borned as number 4 in the litter, for so was her half sister Caisey to!Then we have yet another creme coloured chihuahua in our house.
Thank you Ellen for trusting us this beautiful girl! We will take good care of her.....



She won 8 times BOB-Puppie, and BOG5.

CK x 8

CC x 1


5 Best puppie in Norway 2008